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No Exercise for 6 Years can Trigger Heart Failure Risk

A new study has concluded that those who are not physically active are at an increased risk of heart failure and heart attacks. The research published in journal Circulation has suggested that participating in physical activities including brisk walking and cycling in the middle age helps reduce the risk of heart failure by 31%. 

It’s now obvious that people who take part in physical activities and sports are healthier than those who don’t and have lower risks of heart failure. But the study didn’t address the impact of changes in exercise over time on heart failure risk. Chiadi Ndumele, Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, US said that going from no exercise to a certain recommended level of exercise reduces the heart failure risk by 23%. 

The research included over 11,000 individuals with an average age of 60 and the researchers monitored the participants annually for 19 long years. In light of this research the American Association of Hearts has revealed that the “recommended” amount of exercise refers to 75 minutes of vigorous exercise or 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every week. 

The study also found out that the participants who reduced the amount of recommended physical activity reported increase in heart failure and other heart associated diseases while those who increased their physical activity amount noticed decrease in their heart failure. The study is a warning for all the people around 60 or above to take great care of their health, enjoy physical activities in order to spend more years of life.


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