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No Way Back: A gift for eroticism lovers

No Way Back features one-of-a-kind love story of an earnest women Audrey Fox. It is a beautiful narration illustrating Audrey’s love life and journey towards her ultimate destination. This fine piece of writing is a diffusion of romance, anger, confusion, fear and sadness. 

Audrey Fox, who is deeply in love with her fiancé Nick Bryne is betrayed just a few days before her big day. While she was excitedly preparing for her wedding, Nick backs out leaving her shattered and nowhere in life. To kick off a change in Audrey’s life her family takes her on a visit to Cyprus where she accidently bumps into a stranger at the beach; to whom her mother later introduces with an utmost desire for her to start off a new love life. Daniel Taylor, a winsome impresario and divorcee sways Audrey with his beguiling personality and interlaces her into dating.

While Audrey was still occupied by Nick’s love, her turmoil is deepened with the blast of the news of his serious bike accident on her arrival to London. During her secret visits to Nick in the hospital she discovers his one night stand with another women who is expectant with a baby. This forces her to sidestep Nick and get intently involved with Daniel; until she finds on his fiftieth birthday that he is also keeping secrets from her. Disappointment struck her badly and to overcome the agitated situation she takes refuge through heavy drinking and getting sexually involved with one of her closest friend, Ronan. Nick’s betrayal, Daniel’s fake personality and her own mistaken relation leaves her in a doubtful situation. Audrey’s decision will mark the fate of her life and what will it be?

No Way Back is an artistically narrated book which will ride you through a roller coaster ride of emotions of an impassioned lover. This amazing narrative is sure to occupy a space in the library of the readers who love exploring romance. Every facet is epitomised in a whimsical manner which will make you feel the dominance of true love and its influence on life. It is not just a simple love story with a twist but a narration of a devoted lover, a wonderful person, lovable daughter, sober sister, genuine friend and an affectionate aunt who is true in all her relations. 

This book I feel resonate with all literature lovers and specifically with the ones who are fond of eroticism. One cannot desire for a better piece of writing than No Way Back. Audrey is a real women who is sensitive to the people and incidents around her. The intrinsic and impeccable description of thoughts, attire and emotions in this story illustrated in a congenital style are unparalleled. Kelly Florentia, a young and splendid author has created a flawless yet strong plot, marvelously featuring some exceptional characters which deftly apprehends the readers’ interest diving them down into a sea of emotions.

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