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Oh!!how blessed is Eid with daughters!!!

Daughters are a blessing in disguise. Indeed having them around add glitter to your life.When these little chatter boxes talk they make everything appear pretty. Daughter add colors to your life.

Eid is an auspicious occasion. We all prepare and celebrate months before it comes. If you have a daughter, you enjoy way more during the preps and celebrations.

Shopping for girls is the best, be it the accessories or clothing every women just love shopping for their little bundle of joy.

Chand raats are always very bright with little girls and Mehndi is the best part of it.Mommies and their girls go together and get their mehndi done.

Then!comes the Eid morning.Its a joy waking them up and getting her ready is so fun filled. Looking at her little hands and feet all decorated with mehndi makes you so  happy. After that from dressing her up and then putting on nail varnish and getting her hair done you feel the blissfulness. Its so heart warming to see her wearing all the accessories.

No doubt, Eid with daughters doubles the fun. The love increases and the bond gets stronger.May all daughters have beautiful fates ahead of them. Ameen!!!

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