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Our Top 5 Favorite Startups from Pakistan Startup Cup Competition 2018-2019

To begin with, it is the start-ups that move forward to become huge corporations in the future. Keeping this in mind, Pakistan Start-up Cup Competition comes out with its new yet another annual edition where it opens up opportunities for any business model in Pakistan. 

The Pakistan Start-up Cup Competition in collaboration with the US Embassy of Pakistan has become an inclusive entrepreneurship empowering initiative that helps deserving start-ups, business models and entrepreneurs to grow and provide an ecosystem for them to expand on.

From the 2018-2019 results, we have chosen 5 of our favorite start-up ideas. LET'S ROLL ON THE LIST!

5- Hop Orbits

This start-up idea was all about making your lives easier through TECHNOLOGY! Yes, you guessed it right. Hop Orbits aims to provide tech solutions to you by making your choices MOBILE! Whether it includes online grocery shopping made easy or your online transactions or your mouth-watering food choices. Hop Orbits has you covered by taking care of your tech platforms, while you take care of your sales!

4- Vceela Crafts

Then we have the “Oh-so-lovely” handmade crafts. I mean who doesn’t love handmade things? Whether it includes handmade jewellery to handcrafted furniture to handmade embroidered kurtas, we all love them, don’t we? Well, this start-up aims to market handmade Pakistan artisan crafts.

Following are a few works by Vceela crafts:

3- Chef It

Have you ever met someone who isn’t a food lover? Or someone who would say NO to food? This start-up, Chef it, is all set to provide you with the best scrumptious food servings you’d want. It aims to provide and deliver food at your doorstep. 


2- Zaps

Ever wonder how an uncomfortable shoe sole be such a huge problem? Well, Zaps manages to address that issue by providing the most comfortable soles for you to walk in. “Performance is in our sole” says Zaps. 

1-Desi Doodle!

Now that’s our favourite one! Desi Doodle aims to provide the most comfortable and trendiest hand-embroidered kids wear. Desi Doodle provides made-to-order shalwar kurtas for young children aged 0 to 7-year olds.

I mean, who would’ve thought of how ‘emojis’ can be turned into a cute kurta?

Or the adorable “Mera Shair” kurta for your little one?

The handmade Dino embroidered kurta has to be our favourite! 

Now you know why this has to be one of our favourites and the one to be shortlisted in the Pakistan Start-up Cup Competition. 

We wish all the candidates a very good luck for Round 2!



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