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Pakistan Behind India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka in Healthcare Services, Study

A latest research has found out that Pakistan is behind its Asian counterparts India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare facilities. Pakistan was ranked 154th in the list of 195 countries and the position shows how poor the healthcare services are in Pakistan.

The study was carried out by leading medical journal-The Lancet and it mentioned that Pakistan has seen improvements in healthcare since 1990 but it’s still behind other Asian countries. The research also reported Pakistan doesn’t have basic healthcare facilities and failed to address and treat most of the common diseases. 

The five best countries listed in terms of quality and accessibility to healthcare are Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland and Australia. The countries with the lowest levels of healthcare services include he Central African Republic, Somalia, Guinea-Bissau, Chad, and Afghanistan.

The research emphasized that the government of countries with lowest healthcare services must improve the quality of healthcare facilities for all population otherwise the gap between services and diseases will continue to increase, causing less lower accessibility for the people. 

The government of Pakistan has never been serious about delivering and providing its people with basic social services including healthcare and education. There have been no tremendous improvement in health sector in the last ten years except in KPK where the new government of PTI focused more on building new hospitals, providing clean drinking water and making it easy for the people to access quality healthcare services. Other provinces have failed to deliver and even don’t have enough facilities for the existing population. Most of the hospitals in districts and tehsils are not functional and don’t have enough doctors and beds if they are operational. The government must invest more in health and education so that people could get better healthcare services and spend more on treatments. 

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