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Pakistan listed among top countries for dumping plastic in rivers

People across the globe are illegally disposing off tons of plastic into oceans, seas and other water bodies. It is vital to share that Pakistan is also among the main countries who is readily contributing towards this deadly pollution as stated by the UN report. 

The United Nation declares that almost a million plastic drinking bottles are bought each minute across the globe, and upto five trillion single-use plastic shopping-bags are used globally each year and thrown away just after one use. 

Till date, almost 300 million tonnes of plastic waste has been produced each year which is approximately equal to the weight of current total human population of this world. Statistics reveal that of this, a swaying eight million tonnes of plastic items are inhumanely dumped into the world’s oceans each year. 

The report also included that out of the world river bodies, 10 comprises of more than 90 percent of plastic natured waste that floats eventually into the world’s oceans. 

As per the statistics of UN, the Chinese Yangtze River flows with 1.467 million tonnes while Pakistan’s Indus River is at second position with 164,332 tonnes and Chinese Yellow River is at third ranking comprising of 124,249 tonnes of plastic waste. 

Cited among the ‘river of plastics’, UN professes about the Indus River: “The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research found 90 percent of plastic flowing into oceans can be traced to 10 rivers. The Indus ranks second on the list. One of Asia’s largest rivers, it flows through parts of India and Pakistan into the Arabian Sea, supporting millions of people. While much plastic enters rivers because of a lack of waste infrastructure, sewage systems contribute too.”

Municipal authorities in Pakistan have not been able to impose appropriate laws to assure proper and harmless disposal of garbage especially plastic items into rivers and other water bodies. 

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