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Pakistan; Stop sleeping and start acting.

"Yeh radio Pakistan hai, Ap sabko Pakistan mubarak ho." When on August 14th 1947 Mustafa Ali Hamdani announced to the world that a new nation had been born, he announced the birth of a state based on the principles of Unity, Faith and Discipline. The primary core of the existence of Pakistan was to give an identity, not to the Muslims but to the oppressed and to the thought that greatness can overcome any hurdle, that hard-work is the pioneer of success.

In his first address to the constituent assembly of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the father of the nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah said, " You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the State." This was the message that binded the principle of unity in Pakistan. 

As it nears 71 years of completion, the journey has been a rocky one, a surprising one and also at the same time a confusing one. Marred by martial laws, military coups and overturned governments what remains remarkable, is the ultimate strength that Pakistan has-despite the suffering, doubts and hurdles. In it's 71 years of existence, only two governments have been able to complete it's tenure, Pakistan People's Party in 2007-2013 and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in 2008-2013 under the civilian supremacy. The uncanny similarity in both of these tenures has been that they have had their fair share of controversies, doubts and decisions .

We have heard slogans of "Roti, kapra and makan.", the slogan of a new Pakistan but what misses in all of this is the fate of the current Pakistan, the Pakistan we live in. There was a time, when Pakistan was viewed as a role model by other countries, and today Pakistan strives to follow those countries. Malaysia, Dubai are the prime examples of countries who built on their chance, on the contrary Pakistan failed to utilize or realize the magnanimous potential it had. Does it still have it? That is something that poses a question, that is something we can offer no definitive answer to. 

Only recently, the process of accountability was given a strong hold in Pakistan, when the powerful were put to question and were punished adequately. That is a small win, in the fight for a prosperous and righteous Pakistan. As a nation, we have been vulnerable for too long now at the hands of the people we thought were worthy of leading this country forward. They claim they have worked for the betterment of the country, people disagree! they feel the only 'betterment' that has been done is to their personal businesses.. There have been signs of potential growth and achievement and in a way realization, but all of them have been momentary and not permanent. 

As Pakistan heads towards its 13th General elections next month, it is high time that we start asking the right questions, start believing in the right people and electing those who have been honest and loyal to the people and not their ulterior interests. We have been living on false promises and incomplete dreams for too long. It is time to step up, it is time to complete those dreams and it is time to stay true to the very principles that Pakistan was made on and for ; Unity, Faith and Discipline.

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