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Pakistan Street Style Lookbook

Street style is generally associated with the vogue youth. However, in Pakistan, downtown style trends are not just created by youth but adults too, which are not only elegant but the epitome of sophistication. 

Everyone who is tired of wearing mainstream clothes, it’s now time to get groovy fashion inspiration from the latest exclusive Pakistani street styles and happening chic trends.

Girls who want to make some major fashion statements through which they can incorporate street styles adopted by celebrities. We will have a look at some prominent trending styles, which not only are unique, but these catchy styles would definitely make you feel classy and bold.

Before moving directly to trends and styles, its also important to know that updating yourself with the latest trends is a good healthy diet for fashion. Fashion and style can largely change your personality, in all the good ways and contribute to self-confidence. It’ll make you the fashion queen-bee of your glam squad and make you a part of the limelight. Fashion attracts paparazzi and if you want to make a statement, why not be the trendsetter yourself!

There’s going to be lots of fashion in 2018. Here’s what you can look forward to in fashion and revamp your closets. 

One trend that never seems to die in Pakistan is the floral-infested dresses, which can be incorporated both in eastern and western wear to make heads turn. Floral designs can even become your signature style if you pair your dress with some statement accessories to complete your overall look. 

Another street style trend, which the entire local fashion fraternity thinks is a fabulous idea, and the trend we’ll be seeing many more jump onto the bandwagon, is the incorporation of cultural and traditional designs, becoming a part of the street style. Adding something cultural would not only make you feel more close to the Pakistani heritage but would be excellent if you want to make a bold statement. We don’t see ladies flaunting Mughal art on their shirts very often, Why? Because that’s a bold move to make, thus if you want to stand out, why not try something bold and quirky.

On a completely different note, we’d love to see trends get more interesting rather than follow the mainstream market fashion styles and the generic path that it has become so fond of. Edgy trends and haute styles are what catch the eye and that’s what we would want the fashion industry to come up with.

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