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Pakistani Parents and Art as a Career

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  - Pablo Picasso

Arts is not viewed a valuable career field in the eyes of Pakistani parents; instead an ‘alien’ subject that can only be adopted as a hobby. 

However, in this modern era it is highly important for the Pakistani parents  to understand the significance of arts in a child's life. 

With progressing time, arts colleges and universities  are introducing more conhesive curriculums. Moreover, schools also teach arts as a "main subject" where students are provided a chance to express themselves in many ways.

An artist is able to exhibit his perspective and thoughts through a picture or stage. This helps them to reveal their creative aptitudes .

Arts is a vital part of development of an individual. It enhances students’ dignity, creativity, expression, develops perspectives and allow a child an insight into their ownself.  Moreover, it helps learners to develop self-esteem, motivation, artistic consciousness, cultural acquaintance, better emotional expression, social coherence and an eye to appreciate diversity.

Photographers, painters, poets, calligraphers, designers, stage directors, performers, singers and many other skilled artists are highly respected and valued today. 

While grades are important, it is important to recognise the fact that every child is not the same as another. So parents should give their child the independence to think, act, explore and decide their career.


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