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Peep into Your Favourite Pakistani Female Superstars’ Prized Beauty Secrets and Follow Them…

Certainly, beauty is every woman’s dream and celebrities are the best models to chase and follow. You will surely be stirred after knowing the great beauty secrets of some of your favourite Pakistani superstars.

Here it is revealed:

1. Momina Mustehsan

Her dough-face, infant-like skin, and voluminous hair are romanticised by all the women around. The top-secret to her rosy skin tone and dazzling hair is: she uses brown rice instead of white, extra-virgin coconut oil for cooking, bajra roti as an alternative to wheat and Vitamin C as a skin supplement. The extra vitamins, minerals and high fibre content in her diet help her to appear as an incredible star.

2. Minaal Khan

A famous star and actor believes that beauty can be best achieved through natural remedies and a healthy lifestyle. All one needs is to consume 10-12 glasses of water every day, a good nights’ sleep (8 hours), and natural skincare products pertaining to your skin type. Minaal loves natural looks, with little to no makeup. Her healthy food favourites include dates, chia and flax seeds, oats, cinnamon and honey and green tea. 

3. Nadia Hussain 

Nadia, a prior model, impresario, and Pond’s Miracle counsellor dazes with her young and fresh looks with regular facials and Botox treatments. 

4. Anoushey Ashraf

This travel bug celebrity is all the time on the track for the next quest. Anoushey keeps her skin hydrated and gorgeous through dermalogical face washes and Olay moisturiser and a high-quality sunblock while travelling. She is fond of fruit and veggies, a stess-free mind and a smile on her face!

5. Meesha Shafi

This endowed yoga fanatic stresses upon the fact whatever your beauty and fitness rule may be if you don’t have a rational approach in life then everything else is simply useless. To her, being genuine is to be with family and friends and is the main reason behind her happiness and positivity. She practices a hygienic lifestyle with daily yoga, home cooked food saying a BIG NO to processed and junk diets. 

6. Sanam Jung

She belongs to the group of people who have an exceptionally dry skin and recommends apposite hydration and daily cleansing with natural ingredients for it. A mixture of glycerin with a few drops of castor oil or a combination of honey, lemon juice and glycerine is best for hands and feet at night. Certainly, daily exercise and healthy diet are a must too. 

7. Mahnoor Baloch 

This amazing star challenges all probabilities by appearing a young adult although she isn’t. She consumes no sugar, wheat, and processed foods in her daily diet, which is the main reason of her fitness and dynamic mind. Her daily diet comprises of yoghurt and brown rice roti with either chicken, veggies or egg cooked in coconut oil. 

8. Ayesha Khan

Egg white omelette or a boiled egg is her breakfast preference which keeps here energetic all day long with her hectic routine. Chicken with simmered veggies along with a cup of rice or roti is her ideal lunch-time meal. She consumes her favourite desi cuisines on cheat days only. Ayesha claims that the secret to her immaculate skin and gorgeous beauty is the awesome diet plan she follows Ayesh Khan Shared About Her Diet Plan and daily exercising.  

9. Armeena Rana Khan

The stunning Janaan actor generally likes side-stepping anything that is unwholesome but condemns the industry’s focus on ‘size zero’. The actress disclosed that she is among the ones who gains fat much easily and find it tough to regain the original figure. For that, Armeena tries to reduce her daily intake food portion as an attempt to appear fresh and healthy.  

10. Mahira Khan

We assumed that Mahira was a regular client of the gym but honestly we were mistaken! According to Style.pk, the gorgeous superstar asserts that she has never been into the world of gym and the secret to her beauty and fitness are her ‘incredible’ genetics. 

Do you trust her statements? 

Fans and followers are always seeking Mahira’s secret of blooming skin and impeccable figure. When asked, the actress professed that she ‘eats without boundaries as if there is no tomorrow!’ OMG!

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