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People Are Furious As Private Pictures Of Passengers Were Allegedly Leaked By Safe City Authorities

Established in 2016 with the sole purpose of keep cities 'safe' is being criticized for allegedly leaking private pictures of passengers. These images recently circulating on the internet of people in compromising situation had us all wondering where they came from.

PSCA however strictly denies that these pictures were leaked by the authorities.

They took to their social media denying any such information and reassuring the citizens that they work for the safety of the people.

But people have been furious and are calling for stringent privacy laws.

Here are some on the leaked pictures...

Pakistanis are SO pissed off

and rightfully...

And obviously Masha'Allah phir es tarah ke log bhi hain..

And here's some free advice for you..

What's really funny is how the PSCA Islamabad wants us to think this was done by PSCA Lahore and PSCA Lahore is putting the blame on Islamabad authorities.

Needles to say the PSCA need to take strict action as it concerns the privacy and safety of the people who are living in these 'Safe cities' and they should make sure that these are not just their words but they will take strict action to ensure this does not happen again and the responsible are punished.

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