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People Shocked With The Prime Minister’s Step-son Threatening The Awaam In The Naya Pakistan

Recently a post was circulating on the social media by a person named Hashim Kaleem. 

He has suffered some substantial threats, insults and jarring from our prime minister’s stepson. 

Here is the firsthand screenshot from Hashim’s post.

Hashim Is All Set To Fight For His Right 

The guy himself says that though he is tinier than his opponents. However, he is down as he expected better from the person who made the mistake. 

This was just a small car reversing incident that took bitter end because of accused’s behavior. 

And when his friends also joined in to praise his small act – things looked bitterer. 

Public Is Helping Hashim In His Quest To Justice

Some Also Got The Car’s Number Plate Verified

Owner's name is Ibrahim Maneka and yep he's our Prime Minister's stepson - Bushra and Khawar Maneka's son. 

Address for this vehicle is - house no 3. Street 2. Banigala

The Accused Openly Commented & Deleted Their Posts Once They Saw The Public Reaction

Yes, that’s correct. Musa Maneka (Ibrahim's brother) confessed to this incident on this thread and his friend threatened Hashim. 

They have now deleted their messages but many of us took screenshots. 

Putting them up in the comment's section.

This Doesn’t Just End Here

They Were Arrogant Enough To Agree And Threaten Hashim In The Open

Will Hashim get the deserved justice and apology for this petty action? 

Will our prime minister actually showcase what he preaches? 

Let us know in the comments below and also what you think should have happened?

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