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PM Imran Has Ordered to Bring Back Laundered Money: Umar

ISLAMABAD: Minister of Finance Asad Umar remarked on Monday that Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered to bring back funds which have been laundered from Pakistan. 

While addressing a press conference in the federal capital, Umar said: "We are not aware how much funds have been parked at Swiss Bank. [Former finance minister] Ishaq Dar had shared four years ago that USD200 has been parked."

Dar has not done anything regarding these funds, he said, adding that it will be government's top priority to bring back the money which was laundered. 

Umar also pointed out that Pakistanis have bought properties worth USD8 billion in Dubai. 

Speaking about the Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PIAC) and Pakistan Steel Mills, he shared that the employees of these two organisations will not be terminated. 

"The financial losses incurred by the PIAC and steel mills is not due to their employees. Holding employees responsible for financial losses is wrong."

Umar further remarked that as many as 500 employees used to work at the Prime Minister House. "There employees will now work for the people of Pakistan."

Over government's decision to sell bonds to overseas Pakistan, the finance minister said that the decision will be finalised soon.  

"It has already been decided that government will sell bonds to overseas Pakistanis. In a couple of days, the government will finalise the decision," he added. 

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