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Poverty leads toward Hunger and food insecurity that blighted the lives of Millions in Africa.

Africa is the second largest continent in the world according to Population and Indeed the top poorest continent according to GDA per capita, the latest report of the International Monetary Fund reported. Twice a year the IMF released its report that contains huge data about the economic power of  different nations of the world. It ranked countries observing the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) per capita. 

When famine hit Somalia 


In Africa, the rising population is carrying with itself the rising poverty and hence it became the largest number of people living in utmost poverty. EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Mr. Christos Stylianides stated that Hunger and Food insecurity plague the lives worldwide. Recent UN’s food and Agriculture report told around 124 million people in 51 countries experiencing a shortage of food.

African countries with lowest GDP per capita are given below:
 Sudan – GDP per Capita: $992
 Benin - $966
 Chad - $919
 Mali - $917
 Guinea-Bissau - $910
 Ethiopia - $909
 Comoros - $869
 Rwanda - $819
 Guinea - $816
 Burkina Faso - $750
 Liberia -- $722
 Uganda -- $711
 Togo -- $698
 Niger -- $510
 Sierra Leone -- $505
 The Gambia -- $500
 Madagascar -- $479
 Democratic Republic of Congo -- $477
 Mozambique -- $472
 Central African Republic -- $425
 Malawi -- $342
 Burundi -- $339
 South Sudan -- $246.

It is considered that agriculture can play a vital role to uplift the economy of the nation and can fulfill the requirement of the food as well, provide best opportunities for the employment as well, with the increase in population the land can be cultivated but it continued degradation due to poor farming, deforestation, aridity, and climate change.  

Mosquito Net distribution in Ethiopia by UN


Instability in the  region is another factor inimical to the  prosperity of Africa, intensified conflicts in north-east Nigeria, the Congo, and South Sudan resulted in poor harvests in countries, conflicts also affect the trade. Kenya’s population was same as Sweden in 1956 about 7 million but today a huge difference can be seen, Sweden stands at 10 million and Kenya holding a position at 46 million.Depending on agriculture, Kenya at this rate of population growth, cannot reduce the poverty. It must generate new employment opportunities and need to control rapid population and provide education.

Militant in the town of Goya in Central African Republic

The central African Republic (CAR) needed an aid of $515 for 1-9 million people, however,only 20 percent has been provided this year. Africa as a whole community especially the children and women required more nutritional support to live under an average life, aid can be a remedy but long-lasting solutions are demanded to end the suffering of the continent.

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