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Prince William is on a Historic Tour of the Middle East

On Sunday, Prince William arrived in Amman, Jordan, the first stop of his five-day tour of the Middle East. By undertaking this tour, he will become the first British royal to officially visit Palestine and Israel. 

In Jordon, Prince William will meet the Crown Prince Hussein, the son of King Abdullah of Jordon. He is also scheduled to meet other leaders of Jordan during his two-day stay in the kingdom. 

In a tweet, Kensington Palace stated that Prince William was looking forward to establishing a real and long-lasting relations with the people of the Middle East. His every move will be gauged cautiously as he will visit Israel on Monday, June 25. On Tuesday, after visiting Yad Vashem, World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Prince William will meet Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, and President Reuven Rivlin. 

He is also expected to meet Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority President, in Ramallah in the West Bank on Wednesday. The very next day he will be visiting the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem’s Old City and the Church of St. Mary Magdalene where his great-grandmother, Princess Alice, is buried. 

Reports also tell that Prince William will have a meet up session with Jordanian students and young Syrian refugees along with playing soccer with children in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. However, his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, will not be accompanying him on the visit. 

Such a trip to the Middle East comes at the 70th anniversary of Israel and at a time when tensions in the region are heightened. Israeli military stated that it undertook airstrikes in retaliation to the 45 rockets fired toward Israel by militants in Palestine. Furthermore, Israel has been accused of using excessive force against Palestinian protesters. 

At the start of June, UN General Assembly also condemned Israel for using excessive force against the civilians of Palestine. It also condemned aggression committed by Gaza as it fired rockets into Israeli civilian areas. Israel denies these charges and puts the blame on Hamas for orchestrating protests along the Gaza-Israel border. 


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