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Psychologist Says Parents of Healthy Children Have These 6 Things in Common

All parents want their kids to develop heatlhy eating habits so that they can grow healthy, intelligent and fit. But it's difficult to find out how to train your kids for healthy eating. This could be almost impossible when your kids are more interested in fast foods than the healthy meals. Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair is a family and children's clinical psychologist and she recently talked about how parents can help their children, especially girls,  develop healthy eating habits.listed are the 6 common things of all parents whose kids are healthy from her discussion.

1. They Understand their Role in Kids's Development

She has figured out that parents who understand their role in kids' health are better parents. Such are always keen to educate their kids about health, developing good eating habits and avoid what may harm their health. So if you want to have healthy kids, take this responsibility and learn more about kids' health.

2. They Don't Make Nasty Comments about others' Bodies

Parents should never make nasty comments about someone's body when they are with their kids. This sort of unkind social comparison leaves negative impacts on kids' brain and they may develop such habits in future too. Rather parents should talk about such situation with more care. 

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3. They Don't Shame their Kids' for Unhealthy Eating

Instead of shaming your kids for unhealthy eating, parents should keep healthy foods in cupboards of their kids. This will be a great blessing if your kids don't have a chance to eat unhealthy foods. 

4. They Help Children Understand Changes in their Bodies

Kids don't know anything about the awkward phase they go through during their growth. They need help to understand the needs of their body and no one can do that better than parents. Parents need to let their kids understand why changes occur and how they can deal with them.

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5. They Ecourage their Kids for Outdoor Activities

She writes that this is the most beautiful things every parents should understand. If you don't let your kids take part in sports and other outdoor activities, they may grow lazy and unfit. Rather, encourage your kids for sports and such other outdoor activities. 

6. They Talk about their Kids' Health to Doctors

Of course, regular checkups and examinations are inevitable. The parents who are keen to have healthy kids make sure they talk to doctors about their kids' health and discuss the important aspects to understand them better. 

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