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Qatar decides to ban goods from Saudi, UAE and other two neighboring countries.

Keeping that in mind, these four countries which include, Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt cut ties with Qatar blaming that the country is involved and supporting terrorism in the region on last year’s June 2017. Now the embargo anniversary is near so it can be considered as an act of revenge or retribution for what they did last year.

Qatar said that it will not permit the products of these countries, a year before what they did which hit Qatar’s economy so bad and a feeling of loneliness in the region of the gulf. Soon Qatar finds near horizon and markets of Oman, Iran, and Turkey to stabilize its economy.

According to the further new announcement by the Qatar government that the products originating from the blockading states cannot pass the GCC that is Gulf Cooperation Council customs Territory, which was officially signed on 25 May 1981 between Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait. Until proper import inspections and customs procedures shall be completed.

Women at Doha's supermarket


Gas rich state ordered the stores to stop selling products imported from these countries and issued a statement that the ban is for the consumer’s safety in the state of Qatar and to tackle improper goods trafficking. Qatar’s imports were declined by 40 % during the initial weeks of boycott and not only that but a pressure was exerted on the Airline Qatar Airway, closing off airspace and ports to Qatar.

Doha continuously denying all the allegation regarding terrorism, has managed to flow its production by new ways especially from it’s newly opened Hamad Port. Locally production is also encouraged by the government like vegetables, dairy, pharmaceuticals, and other staples to compact any such sanctions and seclusion in future.

Trade of Qatar between the two neighboring countries Oman and Kuwait has already boosted up, Iran is also assisting in sustaining supplies after the signing of the transportation deal with Turkey and Iran in November 2017. Government is also interested to increase investment the real estate sector for the foreigner buyers. 

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