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Quick Delicious Recipes for Busy People

Savoury buckwheat pancake wraps

Add half teaspoon of salt and turmeric, tweak of cumin and mustard seeds to 150 grams of buckwheat flour and beat while adding 300 ml of water. Then leave the mixture for 10 minutes. Then prepare a non-stick frying pan by adding a few drops of coconut oil, add batter spin around the pan for two minutes while keeping the flame high. Repeat the same procedure after flipping the pancake until done. Filling the prepared wraps with roast chicken, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, assorted salads of choice, sauces and mayonnaise gives a perfect taste. Then roll the wrap in aluminium foil and serve hot.

Orzo and roasted cauliflower salad


Mix half chopped garlic and cauliflower with a tablespoon of oil and add a touch of chilli flakes and fennel seeds. Roast the mixture for 15 minutes at 350F after squeezing half lemon (big sized). Then, cook the mixture for an additional 10 minutes after including a tablespoon of capers, pine nuts and a splash of wine. Bathe a tablespoon of raisins in white vinegar with a tweak of salt.

Prepare 100 grams ozro until done. After draining and rinsing it, blend it with natural yogurt, fling over the cauliflower and caper mixture, raisins, sliced parsley and roast lemon.

Chicory, blood orange and barley salad with feta


Heat barley (100 grams) along with a bay leaf in salty water till gentle. Then drain the water and rinse the ingredients. Blend together juice of half an orange after adding a tablespoon of olive oil, tweak of salt, pepper and dried chilli. Stir this mixture over the barley.

Add tweak of cumin seeds to the half sliced red onion with the leaves from head of chicory and quarter chopped fuel bulb. Heave with barley, orange segments, pistachios, olive oil and sherry vinegar.


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