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Rape : A perfidious reality!

One of the most atrocious crimes throught the world has been "Rape". Over the years, the magnitude of such a deed has risen to such an extent that it is almost, sickinlgy denoted as a culture.  The existence of this "culture" is present throughtout this world, whether it is Pakistan or India or anywhere else in the world. It does exist. However, speaking of today the trend has increased drastically, with hundreds and thousands of reports being filed everyday in every part of the world. This is a humongous problem and which needs to dealt with as soon as possible and with accurate and strict measures. However, it has been a very difficult process hence the increase in rape FIRs, including several others which have not been reported.

It is troubling enough to see how only a few cases make it to the court and even more heart breaking is the fact that some victims do not want to come forward with the truth. There can be multiple reasons behind this; either they’re to scared to say it all out, or because they keep the suffering to themselves because of the doubt of not being believed if they speak out the truth. This is the testament to how far we, as individuals, have to go. 

Yes, it is true to the extent that not enough can be done by the legal system except for one’s word against another’s without any corroborating witnesses. But, one should come forward for what he or she has gone through, considering the basic tenants of justice. 

This article is not generalised to any country or area and is subjective when being generalised to the many who have had to face such a horror. The ‘many’ cannot be categorized into any numerical figure because its beyond one’s vision and expectations and if someone tries to figure it out, its one unwise move! The cumulative cases have increased to such an extent that now most of us have considered rape to be a norm, rather than an alarming situation.

Recently, we saw a viral article about what happened in India; a place where such cases normally happen on a very high rate. 

Do you, as an individual, feel disgusted by where humans are heading towards? I mean, yes, rape has been one of the most disgusting situations one is put in but applying that to animals is extremely sickening and revolting. Where is the humankind headed towards?

A pregnant goat was gang- raped in India! Where have all the morals and values gone? Do we not stand accountable for our own actions? Do these people not think for once before getting into such repulsive acts? Is our morality on the verge of declining? 

Even if we keep these questions aside for the time being, what have the people with power and control done in regard to this situation? Have these people been caught? Have we raised our voices against such violent crimes? Have we as individuals done enough?

The answers to these questions might not even be answered, because well we have other important things to take care of; be it politics or elections etc. 

However,  while some celebrities did raise their voices against this incident and condemned such activities and also asked for justice in the form of the culprits being hanged. Nothing has been done so far. 

The Bollywood actor, John Abraham expressed his anger and disgust.

He does not feel that women and animals are safe in the country and that religion is being good to all living beings. He further said that capital punishment is the only way forward and nothing else will work with the sick men that live in our country. 

John Abraham was not the only celebrity who spoke up, with Farhan Akhtar also raising his voice against the injustice. 

This incident has moved me and my belief in humanity and morality has gone in vain. Rape has been one of the most appalling things one individual can do to another, yet there is no other crime that our society is ambivalent about. 

Here’s another headline that will give you goosebumps once you imagine what would have been going on in this shelter that is supposed to be a safehouse for girls. These girls might have been going through the torture since a very long time, but the news just broke out. Around 10 people have been caught in connection to this case which has stroked nationwide anger. 

A seven-year-old was among 34 girls raped at Seva Sankalp Samiti, a short-stay shelter. A total of 44 girls resided at the establishment. The shelter top boss is claimed to have indulged into the happenings. He is said to have stripped girls naked and injected them with sedatives. Thakur has also been accused of attacking the girls with sticks and belts. 

These headlines are so shattering that one cannot even feel safe in their own houses. You never know what awaits you.

A few months ago, an eight-year old Zainab shook the world when she was found in a trash can, raped.  What kind of humanity is this? An innocent under-aged child has to face such circumstances alone and when it ends, they’re pushed towards the face of death. There is very less one can do legally but what most of us could do was to raise our voices against the injustice. And this is what most people did, both celebrities, public figures as well as common people. But is that enough? Do we only raise our voices after something like it happens?

There is no justification for such cases or situations but the only source of power that we, as individuals, have is education and our voices. We need to shed more light on such topics and educate people to not indulge in such actions. However, despite such steps it is likely that such instances occur even then because the authorities take no or little interest in such situations. However, the recent news that Imran, the rapist and murderer of Zainab Ansari has been ordered to be hanged 12 times. This is a step towards justice and will be inculcated into every person’s mind who is or has tried to do something similar. It is going to be an example that they are subjected to be facing the music of their own doings and should be careful enough before taking any such step in the future. 

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