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Ready, Get-Set-Go! As Here Is The Most Awaited Serial Alif's First Episode's Review

ALIF - the most highly anticipated drama serial aired this Sunday. 

And, it easily got to win millions of hearts. And, that too with only one episode till yet. 

Alif has easily managed to stay on the number one trend in Pakistan. 

The Buzz Around Alif Is Amazing!

All over social media users are singing praises for this much-awaited show. 

The best part is that since it has just been only 1 episode - the drama has got a magnificent opening. 

Fans have Tweeted their views on almost all of the scenes. 

Abbasi and Aly have got a lot of praise already.

Magnificent Start Had Us All Hooked!

The production is of Epic Entertainment, the direction is of Haseeb Hassan & writing is of none other than the marvelous Umera Ahmed.

From the initial start of Alif, you see a journey that has a lot to offer.

Feels like as of you are watching nothing but best from the story to direction to production to acting. 

Opening Episode Thoughts!

A lot of characters will be introduced in the next episode or the next after that. 

But, in the first episode we have been made friends with:

  • Momin (Pehlaaj Hassan)
  • Momina Sultan (Sajal Aly)
  • Jahangir (Hadi Bin Arshad)
  • Side actress (Lubna Aslam)
  • Sultan (Saleem Mairaj)
  • Qalb e Momin (Hamza Ali Abbasi
  • Shelly (Yashma Gill)
  • Husn e Jahan (Kubra Khan

Closing Thoughts

No need to emphasize on what you missed if you still haven't seen the first episode of Alif. 

But, if you haven't then you SHOULD!

The characterization of each character has been done justice. 

Based on this you'll have a lot of fun watching the serial. 

And, yes don't share any spoilers if you have already read the story online. 

Here, click on to see the first episode of Alif! 

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