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Reham Khan’s Interview in Indian opens another Pandora Box

For the past few weeks, Reham Khan’s face somehow succeeds to attain a central position in the prime time slot of talk shows – thanks to her controversial upcoming book and a brush with Hamza Ali Abbasi.

She has already spewed a lot of content to ignite intense debate against Imran Khan and his role in upcoming elections, and Reham’s recent interview with Indian media indicates that there is more to come.

On Wednesday, Reham Khan spoke with Indian media, and as expected it was all about Imran Khan, her upcoming book and well, a bit more about Imran Khan. Though she claimed to be not targeting PTI chief Imran Khan in her upcoming book, but also added that there are “some things” that the public should know about him and PTI.

However, she also made it clear that the book cannot be regarded as solely based on Imran as it also discusses many other people and sheds light on her personal life and its different phases so that others can learn from her mistakes and bad experiences.

She has talked about all this before – a lot, in fact! But what different she said, and what opened a new political Pandora box, was her comment that PTI grants position in the party on the basis of gender and the wealth of the member.

Everyday Reham Khan adds a new episode of ‘Imran Khan bashing’ and only time will tell that how many more we will get to see before the general elections. But one thing we know for sure that every new comment of Reham Khan is well feeding our media and the lovers of talk shows.

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