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Review: Cold Blood by Robert Bryndza

Cold Blood is an enthralling thriller story that accentuates the survival and determination of a young police detective, Erika Foster. This extraordinary illustration flairs mystery, investigations and police procedurals. The brilliant composition of events underlining the crimes of a group of serial killers and personal struggles of a young detective are worth a read. 

Erika Foster is traumatised when she encounters a mutilated body of a young man discarded in a tattered suitcase on the shore of River Thames. While investigating the case with her team, she correlates the victim with another dead body of a young female dumped in an identical suitcase two week back. Condoms full of cocaine are found inside the stomach of one body and soon Ericka discovers that she is the target of a serial killer who has already played his next move. Ignoring the fact, Erika still makes the headway forward towards the investigation and encounters a ruthless attack. This makes her boss Melaine Hudson to force off the case to another team. So, Erika returns to her native place Slovakia to reconsider her career and personal life and finds herself firmly determined in her mission of protecting the community from immoral crimes. 

Alongside the story tints another young isolated girl, Nina’s dire needs to be loved. Unfortunately, she is deprived of her close relations which leaves her vulnerable; and is dappled by an old psychopath, Max who gets closely involved with her leaving her in bad influence. When, Erika resumes her mission the body count had escalated and twin daughter of her colleague, Commander Marsh marks gets kidnapped marking the climax of the story. At this point, she discovers that there are several debauched criminals involved in this case. Will the young detective be able to get through the intense trails awaiting her and successfully fight off the brutality of the immoral convicts saving the lives of the innocent girls? 

Cold blood is an intriguing, unconventional and atmospheric story portraying many intertwining stories that are sure to keep the reader engaged throughout. The distinctive dynamics of investigations and twists in the novel pushes the reader out of the comfort bubble gripping their attention till the last word. The author has not only revealed Erika as a young detective but as a tough, brave and courageous person who is not afraid of any challenges of life. 

The mix of mystery, delinquency with flash of dry humour is a great attraction for the thriller fans. Author’s bold and crisp style of writing featuring some spirited characters in crime scenes is tremendous. It is heart-touching to discover the endurance of a young female detective surviving through some disastrous challenges for the fortification of community. Robert Bryndza is a talented writer with a vibrant imagination who has publicised a strong, natural plot in her series of novel reflecting different perspectives. 

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