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Robotics Barbie motivates Young Girls to take up Male dominated Careers

The iconic and famous doll, Barbie, ventures into encouraging young females to engage themselves into more broad careers that are classified as being influenced and dominated by males.

In the 21st century, much of the society is focused towards women rights with many female vocalists standing up for these rights and equality. However, despite all these works and practices in many areas, like future careers for instance, the problem remains and is least affected by these changes. Hence, more influential icons and public figures are required to inspire and create awareness among their followers to take a stand for their future. 

The iconic doll's manufacturer, Mattel, said earlier this week that this would help girls embark on careers like engineering and sciences. They have released this new type of  Barbie in order to dispel gender stereotypes and racial discrimination.

This move by the new Robotics Barbie is a motivational one as most of its followers are predominately young girls, ranging from 6-7 years of age. This will stimulate and inculcate in them awareness to take up different careers and broaden their horizons from the very start too.

Mattel has also planned to collaborate and partner with Tykner, which will teach girls to use codes and how to make games. Seven barbie-themed courses are to be introduced for girls interested in sciences, technology, engineering and math.

“Our mission is to empower youth to become the makers of tomorrow through coding, and the Barbie brand is an ideal partner to help us introduce programming to a large number of kids in a fun, engaging way," Tynker, Chief Executive, Krishna Vedati said in a statement to Engadget.

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