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Ruby chocolate: The first NEW type of chocolate in 82 years!

After 82 years, a new variety of chocolate has been introduced by Swiss Chocolate manufacturer; Barry Callebaut. The new type of chocolate is known as Ruby Chocolate. It is drastically different from other types of chocolates.

Ruby Chocolate is made from pink botanical chocolate beans. It is naturally pink in color and tastes like rich berries. It was only made available for consumer consumption in January of 2018.

It is one of its own kinds of chocolate that is pink in color and has a wonderful sweet-sour taste. The upside is that Ruby Chocolate is so versatile that it can be used in savory as well as sweet cooking.

Kit Kat became the first ever brand to launch the first ever chocolate made with Ruby Chocolate. The Ruby Chocolate Kit Kat was announced in April 2018 and released soon after.

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