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Ruswai Drama - Based On The Brutal Reality Of What Women Have To Face In Pakistan

Recently ARY has started telecasting its latest Ruswai Drama on the first of October. 

The story is based on a very brutal reality that every woman in our country has to face. 

However, we don't mean to scare you up. 

It is just that our honest and unbiased review is based on what we felt and saw through the few promos shared. 

Anyhow, let us tell you the stellar star cast and more details. 

Muhabbat Bhari Family Gets In Trouble Because Of Watta Satta

The cast includes big names such as:

  • Muhammad Ahmad, 
  • Sana Javed, 
  • Mikal Zulfiqar, 
  • Seemi Raheel, 
  • Irsa Ghazal, 
  • Usman Peerzada, and 
  • Natalia Awais

Rubina Ashraf has directed the serial and has produced by Six Sigma Production house. 

The story revolves around the strong family ties. 

And, how the watta satta marriage will have a strong impact on relations and how it shapes out the life of every individual. 

So Far We Only Got The First Episode 

And to be honest it was nice and not so overly dramatic. 

We also got to see people who were influenced by the usual chaam-dhaam of the world. 

And, we also saw people who were more relation-focused. 

The track of the story will unfold soon in the 4th or 5th episode. 

However, the best part is that you'll see how women get mistreated based on the dislikes of their in-laws. 

And, have no support whatsoever - just because something bad happened. 

The victim gets to be blamed instead of the one who actually did wrong. 

But, that being said we know that Ruswai drama will bring-in major details that will have a lot of us shedding tears of dukh. 

  • Ruswai Drama
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • Sana Javed
  • Mikal Zulfiqar
  • Seemi Raheel
  • Irsa Ghazal
  • Usman Peerzada
  • Natalia Awais