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Sally Challen’s domestic abuse case will bring a revolution

Sally Challen’s case has once again highlighted domestic violence - a great issue of our society. She was imprisoned in 2011 for 22 years for murdering her husband. Being a victim of domestic violence; she was enraged and slammed her husband Richard to death.

Recently she has been granted a chance to put forward her appeal in the court. She declared that she had to face repeated humiliation, physical torture, mental abuse and isolation.

This case would serve as a revolution for women across the world. It has clearly defined ways in which women are supressed in their relationships and has also revealed the reality of great abuse and violence to which women are subject to. This event also unveils the complexity and bindings of women’s lives which plainly destroys their life’s motivation.

Moreover, the incident disclosed the role of kids in such stories and how mothers risk themselves to safeguard their children. David – Sally’s son is continuously struggling to free her mother, his campaigns and efforts are sure to be successful. It is expected that if Sally’s appeal is accepted it will surely free millions of women across the globe of similar experiences.

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