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Sehri treat from Androon Lahore!

If there is one thing that Lahore is best known for, it has to be food! Lahoris and their love for food is no secret. As we have now embarked on the Holy Month of Ramadan, there is mostly food that is one the mind of a typical Lahori. It is seemingly impossible to get through the day to reach Iftaar and right after Iftaar, Sehri becomes the next biggest worry!

What would we eat for Sehri? What do we have for Iftaar? Should we do tonight’s Sehri out somewhere? Food is life for every Lahore-born Pakistani!

Whilst Lahore is jam-packed with one after another amazing eateries and restaurants; the beauty of the tasteful paya’s and Bong of Androon Lahore is just impossible to overlook. This is where the heart of food is! If you are in Lahore, you have to visit Androon Lahore for possibly the best food experience in your life. Luckily, we are observing Ramadan these days. What would be better than to have your next Sehri at Androon Lahore? With unlimited options and food to absolutely die for – here is a list of all those foods you should be having in your next Sehri at Old Anarkali Food Street or may be even deeper in the slums of Androon Lahore.

Halwa Puri

You can’t be a true Lahori if you don’t have the undying love for the crispy puri’s and meetha halwa! The combination of spicy channas with mouth-watering sooji halwa that is colored orange and yellow is the best thing ever. There is no other place in Lahore (and there are many) that you would find better Halwa Puri than Androon Lahore.

Qeema Poora

If you indulge in the qeema poora in your Sehri, you will dream about it till aftar and this is something we can promise. Juicy, tender beef mince stuffed into a crispy puri is heavenly. It doesn’t cost much too. You can easily get a qeema poora for around 70 to 100 rupees.


Nihari is the ultimate food lover’s dream come true. The thick, richly flavored nihari gravy with tender soft beef boti and hot tandoori roti is going to make your Sehri a memorable one indeed! You can’t get better than this. Nihari is food at its utter best.

Naan Channay

The one thing every Lahori lives by is naan channay! When nothing else seems to work, naan channay will offer you the best meal ever. It doesn’t cost much. You can easily grill your tummy under 100 rupees. Find the best channay in town at the little shops in Androon Lahore. Spicy, mouthwatering and jam packed with Asian spices – our mouth is already watering as we speak of it!

Paya and Bong

"Lahore aye aur Phajjay k paye na khaye to kia khaya"? Your sehri will be worth every bite and you will truly never want it to ever come to an end when you indulge in a huge bowl of Phajjay k Paye with hot, tender Roghni Naan. To top it off, you can wash it all down with a huge glass of Feeqa ki lassi!

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