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Selection of Wedding Day’s Dress: Anxiety at its Peak!

Wedding dress…anybody, who is familiar with desi weddings, can figure out that after listening to these two words, a Pandora box pops up and gets blast amidst us; sprinkling so many buzzes here, there and everywhere. These buzzes engross everything: colors, glitters, ideas, passion, dreams and…desire to turn these dreams into reality. 

Yes! If it is a Pakistani wedding, then what bride’s family worries to do is at one end and bride’s concerns are at the other end, and if you have encountered desi weddings, then you can quickly figure out that which side weighs more. Obviously, ‘oh so cherished’ bride’s side! And what are her worries? Bingo! Your pointer worked right…wedding day’s dress! The only thing which doesn’t let the ‘bride to be’ sleep, from her ‘wedding date’ fixation day to her wedding day is none other than her apprehension related to her wedding day’s dress. Her stomach churns, guts twist and breathing becomes irregular whenever she thinks of it. 

Every girl is a princess for her parents, and wants to prove it on her wedding day by embellishing herself with dazzling looks and splendidly adorned spectacular dress; she deserves it either! Doesn’t she? She is a bride to be – a girl bagging all the desires and dreams, ready to land in another world – she definitely wants nothing but best on her big day.

The usual rummage for finding ‘the best’ dress starts with internet searching, dwells in friends’ chit-chat, falls in fashion's catalogues, hover over her dreams at night, passes by her thoughts every now and then and finally ends up at some shop, where she ultimately gets her dream dress; ready to turn her into a dream bride. The process summarized in three lines actually spans over more than two months…if you know what I mean!

You think it is what overrules just our generation? No, not at all! This is not something which is being pinned in just our generation, who loves being a fashion freak and mainstream swagger. Don’t you remember your mummy’s wedding photos: your mama sitting with a ‘gotta kanari’ dupatta draped on her head; embellished with stars, laces, some shimmering glitters and…well, ascertaining that ladies of previous generations were also passionate about their wedding day’s dress.

So, it simply affirms that every girl, no matter of which generation, has always been passionate about her wedding day’s dress. It is just that evolving time has swapped away past trends of gilding bride’s dress with ‘gotta kanari’ to some lavishing subtle and chic trends like delicate, and intrigued usage of enticing embroidery, diamantes, cutwork, glittery beads, and stones. Banarsi, moonlight and makesh fabric have been replaced by exotic chiffon, crepe, georgette, satin, and illusion fabrics; giving glitz and glamour to bride’s dress. 

But some trends are for all generations – here to stay, bloom and rise; trend of every bride to get huffed while selecting her wedding dress (witty end: ting, ting!). But while picking your wedding dress, just don’t let your own mindset get prevaricated by the ideas which your friends, family members, aunts, cousins and even your neighbor aunt will give you pertaining your selection of wedding day’s dress. Listen to them, also give their advice some consideration, but…let your heart also speak out! You are the person who knows what your personality is, what will accolade you the most and what you actually want. Do take some advice, merge it with your heart’s voice and…rock your big day. Trust me; you can do it!!

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