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Several studies prove that ice cold water helps to burn stubborn body fat!

Thanda pani mat pio, you won’t lose the weight! This is one of the most common concerns of most of our mothers who want us to lose all the baby fat and get slim/trim sooner than later. This is a belief that all of us have grown up with – drink cold water and you will never lose weight. As a result, most of us chubby ‘khaatay peetay’ Pakistanis have tortured ourselves in the heat of June and July by drinking luke warm water! *shivers to even think about it*

We have grown up believing that drinking cold water will not help you lose weight. Recent research studies prove that this is only a myth with no truth whatsoever.

It has been scientifically proven that cold water actually does the opposite of what has been believed for so long. It helps you to lose weight by burning body fat.

Ice cold water glass

Drinking a single glass of ice cold chilled water can actually help you burn 17 to 18 calories! This means that drinking at least 8 glasses of ice cold water every day will burn around 160 to 180 calories in a day without any restricted diet plan or workout regime!

There is a very interesting phenomenon behind losing weight with ice cold water. The cold water is of temperature that is much above the normal body temperature. So when the cold water enters your system, the body has to put in a lot of effort and work very hard to bring the body back to its normal temperature. This effort makes the body burn oodles of stubborn body fat by boosting the metabolic rate.

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