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Sonam Kapoor’s Support to Sawara Bhaskar against the Trolls is Making People Go Nuts

Much-anticipated things sometimes end up bringing not-so-anticipated perks – so did the movie ‘Veere Di Wedding’. And this time it came from an unexpected source and people were not ready to take it.

From being a star-studded movie to called as the very first ‘chick flick’ Indian movie, ‘Veere Di Wedding’ have been in the spotlight from the day of its announcement. However, recently the buzz fueled when the movie got banned in Pakistan due to its indecent scenes and dialogues.

Well, many Indian movies have been banned in Pakistan before, so this was not a big deal, till the controversial statement of Swara Bashker swiped the internet. 

The cast of the movie sat with Rajeev Masand for the interview, and one of the leading cast members of the movie, Swara Bhasker, was asked to give her take on the ban of the movie in Pakistan. In response, she backfired on this ban by calling Pakistan a “failing state” which was running by Sharia law.

Her statement unleashed the outrage of the people on the internet, and since then she has become a pretty good ‘troll-stock’ on social media.

Later, Swara tried to put the tilted situation back on track, but that didn’t work.

Now, Sonam Kapoor, her fellow co-star and friend, has stepped forward to save Swara’s trapped neck.

And this confusing statement has made the brain cells of people dead.

While, some ended up giving heartfelt advice to her.

So, from now onward, logic is directly related to the glasses you are wearing. Thank you!

Oh…and your success in career is directly proportional to your level of thinking. Thanks again!

Some even sympathized with her father and we cannot agree any more.

And yes, people also have their own share of freedom of expression…

And the bottom line is…

Got it? Got it!

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