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South Koreans Exhibit their Feelings with Emojis on the Recent Twitch Between America and North Korea

Donald Trump called off the much-anticipated summit with North Korea, which was due to take place on June 12 in Singapore, as he mentioned in his letter to Kim Jong Un that due to recently displayed "tremendous anger and open hostility", it has become impossible to hold the historic meeting.

A Pandora box opened as this news broke the internet; flooding buzzing netizens, fuming analysts and jostling spectators who were there to witness the sudden twist in the drama staged on the world platform. People watched it with wide eyes, twisted thoughts and pounding heads as they pondered that is this the way to make the nation great again or love for Alfred Nobel is more potent than any rational thinking?

Amidst this fidgeted situation, Ed Jones, photographer of AFP News Agency, asked South Korean people to summarize their feelings with the help of an emoji, regarding this recent u-turn of the America-North Korea relationships.

And this was the depiction of their feelings...

So, the question is 'why'? And its answer is....?

A girl contemplating over the situation.

Twitching world scenario is creating angst.

The young lady can't hide her inner conflict.

What lies next? Isn't this the more irritating question in such situations? 

The emoji represents the mental condition of the lady.

Another level of mental breakdown...

The man displays his helplessness.

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