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Suhail Warraich Is Doing Jheenga Lala Hu In Africa And We Can't Help But See

Suhail Warraich is having fun in the jungles of Africa these days. And, our naughty desi's couldn't resist taking notice of Suhail having fun. However, let us tell you how it all started to be a funny Tweet roller coaster for all of us. 

Tour Tou Bnta He WIth Pics Being Uploaded

Now, who wouldn't want to show-off ek acha trip to make all the jealous kukad's to be more jealous?

But This Isn't Why People Are Going Crazy 

Kasamse, it's a beautiful pic and nobody is saying anything just because this pic isn't the reason for all the craziness. Let us show you which pic caused the disrupt in our soiee huwi awaaam. And, here is the masterpiece

And, This Is How Our Awaam Started Responding

That Pic Is Trouble

The Fun Goes On!!

But, Here Is The Masterpiece

And This One Just Nailed It

Not Sure About You Guys, This One Is Epic As Well

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