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Suno Chanda: 15 things you can relate to if you have a cousin like Jia or Arsal!

Pakistani drama serial Suno Chanda, being aired on HUM TV as its Ramzan Special offering, has managed to garner a lot of hype and attention of the viewers. The plot of the drama revolves around two cousins,  Jia ( played by Iqra Aziz) and Arsal(played by Farhan Saeed). Their elders have made the decision of getting them hitched while they are reluctant to tie the knot. In fact, they maintain very interesting love-hate relationship. One minute they can’t stand each other the other minute they can’t live without one and other. 

Here are 15

 things you can relate to if you happen to have a cousin like Jia or Arsal:

1.Realizing that you have a partner in crime

2.You can easily find an animal look-alike for each other.

3 You treat your male cousin as your personal driver.

4.You find immense pleasure in mocking each other.

5.You feel obligated to sneak into each other phones.

6.You ask your female cousin to do your personal chores as if it’s your holy right.

7.You have mastered the skills of talking in sign language.

8.Your favorite hobby is gossiping about the family disputes.

9.After a huge fight, you celebrate your patch up by going out together.

10.Your favorite sport is playing pranks on each other.

11.Pulling each other's leg is what pleases you.

12.Constant support system

13.Competing each other by trying being all 'seedha' and 'Shareef' in front of elders.

14.You argue a lot on petty issues

15.Always dreaming and planning your future together.

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