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Sweden’s Princess Leonore made the moment Hilarious as she rolled on the floor in Royal Ceremony

Royals might have to live to set rules and patterns, but children have their own world where they make their own rules, even if they carry the royal bloodline. Well, that is what Sweden’s four-year-old Princess Leonore proved as she had the ball of the day when she lolled bare-foot in the church’s aisle.

Princess Leonore looked a perfect royal child all adorned in her fancy attire when she stepped out to celebrate the christening of her younger sister Princess Adrienne on Friday.

But inside footage of the celebrations revealed another image of the little girl which was not different from any other child. While the Archbishop Antje Jackelén presided the ceremony, cameras captured her lying flat on the floor with her back pinned to the ground and legs dangling in the air.

Well, the sight might be quite funny for the others, but her father, Christopher O'Neil and mother, Princess Madeleine, weren’t pleased at all. The cameras clearly captured their alarmed faces!

In the footage, Princess Madeleine, while carrying Princess Adrienne in her arms can be seen fidgeting in her seat and casting sharp looks towards her daughter who is kicking the air right in front of the altar. 

While Madeleine still managed to cast some sharp looks, Christopher O'Neil seems to be frozen at the unexpected sight of Leonore’s playful antics amidst the ceremony.

No matter what her parents think, Leonore has proved that royal or not, children will always be children!

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