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‚ÄúTehran will attack ten times more if attacked by the enemies‚ÄĚ

The Supreme Leader of Iran and most Shia followers all over the world just gave his speech on the 29th death anniversary of the Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini. 

He explained the recent sanctions imposed from the US as a economic and psychological warfare staged again them. He clearly opposed the belligerent behavior of the European countries towards Iran and stated that some European countries are talking to limit Iran’s defensive missile program.He told them that limiting our missile development is a dream that will never come true. His speech was telecasted on the television, as lranians in large numbers were  gathered on the 29th death anniversary of Ayatullah Khomeini.

Keeping in mind, US has pulled out of the the landmark 2015 nuclear deal, calling it deeply flawed and wanted to curb not only the nuclear program on Iran but also it’s expanding influence in the region. The 2015 nuclear deal was between Iran and the world powers and according to that accord, the nuclear military program is to end with the exchange of lifting international sanctions over Iran.

 EU on other hand is trying to save the deal after Trump has withdrawal from it. This current wave is raised after the tweet of the Israeli Prime minister Mr. Netanyahu said: “Israel will not let Iran obtain nuclear arms”. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron indicated that the talks must be carried out with Iran to cover the Tehran’s international activities.

“Tehran will attack ten times more it attacked by enemies,” Said Khamenei. He delivered in his speech the message, “we will continue our support oppressed nations”.  He further said, Enemies don’t want Iran an Independent country in the region. Criticizing the Arab counties allied to the US that they are supporting the rebels group, so the youth of the Arabs should take actions and stand up to fight all the pressure of the US, for the sake of your own future he advised the young Arabs.

Iran has already provided a huge support to Hamas and Houthis to fight ISIS in Syria and in Yemen.

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