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Ten things you can relate to if your husband is a ‘foodie’

1.The simple formula of happiness:

The happiness of a foodie partner is directly proportional to his favorite dishes. In order to resolve any conflict or make him happy on any normal day, you just need to cook his favorite dish and everything will become alright.

2. Directory of best eateries in town:

A foodie partner is aware of all the best cafes, restaurants, ice-cream parlors, coffee shops and eateries of the town. You just name the dish and he will let you know all the best places to have it.

3.Frequent user of food apps:

He has got all apps installed in his cellphone that can assist him in either ordering food or locating restaurants. At times, you get promotional gifts sent to your home all because your husband is a frequent user of food apps.

4.Money spent on food is no waste:

Foodies sternly believe that spending money on food is the best way to utilize money. You dare tell them that money spent on food is a waste and they will right away reject your advice and might never seek your suggestion again.

5.Innovation in food choices:

A foodie husband is always eager to try new dishes and savor different flavors. He doesn’t stick to his regular choices and keeps shifting them by trying on different varieties of food to relish his ‘foodiness’. Also he loves to explore diverse food places around the town.

6.Favorite food is the best gift:

He believes the best gift you can give a person is his/ her favorite dish or beverage. He will often get you your preferred fruit or fast food on the way back from work.

7.Stop him from anything but eating:

If you love yourself, never stop your foodie husband from eating at any cost. This is something that can trigger his anger within mini seconds since food is his weakness.

8.Lengthy orders:

If you ask him to place order for food, beware as his order will not comprise on a dish or two. Even if it’s just you two, he will at least place order for four to five dishes because he loves to taste variety of dishes. Don’t worry! He will get the leftover food packed to be utilized to fulfil his late night hunger pangs.

9.Loves other foodies/craves for company of a foodie:

Foodies love other foodies. Your foodie husband will be more than happy if you provide him company in his munching, crunching time. If a foodie man is married to somebody who is not much interested in eating, he feels his life has become lull and dull.

10.Late night hunger pangs

Be prepared at all times to counter his sudden hunger pangs. Your foodie spouse can even wake you up from your deep slumber in the middle of the night and ask you to make him some fries. Don’t feel shocked!

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