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That Moment When You Get To Shshsh.....................Because The Attack Wasn't From A Muslim Or Daadhii Waalaa!

Sadly, we're back yet again with the most devastating news of the day. 

The deadly massacre in New Zealand is yet again blamed on the Muslims. 

However, the whole world, and especially the so-called media didn't bother reporting a terrorist attack. Instead, the shared news is that a mass shooting took place and the news goes so on. 

What is the point? If it would have been a daadhi wala bundaa - the whole world would have been pointing fingers at every Muslim person out here. 

Even the kids would have been blamed.

But now, looks like sub soo gaee hein. Ya shayad, bhool gaee hein k kisko ilzaam lagana he.

Ashamed of such dual substandard. 

Magar kia krein, this is one of the norms now. 

People are killed just like that. 

Within seconds you see someone living turning into dust. 

Ek Insaan Ka Qatal - Sari Insaniyat Ka Qatal Hota He!

An evil fact, but rightly said. 

We're a nobody in front of this big statement. This is exactly what our religion depicts and so does the Muslim ummah. But our friends from the West don't agree. 

The massacre happened today in two Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. And, at least 40 people were killed mercilessly as per the confirmation from BBC new.

Kya Sub Soo Rhe?

The main point behind sharing this news isn't to just start some chaos. 

But actually, we would like to know if media, first world countries and everyone else is sleeping or are we Andaz Daily team is not able to understand the point here. 

Like seriously? 

Not even a single condemn Tweet against this bold and shameless act? 

No one is going to ban anybody or everybody?


The Butcher Who Did This Massacre 

Look at this man. 

He seriously did this act and is the reason for trashing and mercilessly killing a lot of Muslims today. 

But, our international media is not at all doing, saying or even writing anything bad about him. 

The reason is - he is one of them. Only us Muslims don't fall under any consideration when ours and rightfully ours are treated like non-humans. 

Its high time, we Muslims reunite and stand together protect every one of us. Or scenarios like this will keep on happening! 

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