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The food we were born to eat!

Starch? Yes it is starch rice, corn, potato, sweet potato that has healed thousands of John McDougall’s patients. A young lady Julia Baker was suffering from deforming rheumatoid arthritis. It was that moment when she decided to completely change her diet.

So she gave the cheese, the meat and the oil and switched to a diet based upon rice corn and potatoes. It took her almost seven days when she started to get better.

Another story of Robert Cross is also highly inspiring; he suffered from terrible chest pains, high blood pressure, inflated cholesterol, and high sugar levels and obesity.  So he went to his doctor for a solution ended up in front of a Cardiologist who suggested having a heart surgery.

Then Robert decided to switch to a starch based diet. Due to this he lost 60 pounds, his cholesterol levels dropped from 300 to 150 and cleaned out his arteries. This talk is by Dr McDougall and he is been in this business for 44 years.

He feels that he is the luckiest doctor in this world because his patients get well. It started out by an accident; he was in Michigan and went to Hawaii for an internship in1972. He stayed in Hawaii for a year to practice the internal medicine. He was so impressed by Hawaii that he didn’t want to leave that beautiful city so he took a job there on the big island as a plantation doctor. There he worked as general doctor for three years. There he pronounced people dead, did brain surgeries in the middle of the night and many other medical treatments and today whatever knowledge he has is based on what he learned in those three years in Hawaii from my patients.

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