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The Ingestible Smart Pill to detect the stomach life-threatening problem.

Are you afraid of operation or even a complex lab diagnosis related to your tummy? Stop worrying about because the MIT scientists had discovered the very easiest way to detect the issues of gastrointestine

The team of the achievers unveiled a capsule that is actually an ingestible sensor pill, having the capability of diagnosing your stomach bleeding without creating bleeding and also the gastrointestinal problems.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers told that the pill that looks like a chip will convert the bacterial response into a wireless signal that can be read on a specially developed app on a smartphone. The newly made pill technology work on the principle of light measuring produced by luminescent bacterial cells, for this purpose phototransistor is used. Then it  further sends the information to the microprocessor and that converts into a wireless signal. Technology evolved a hard work of the synthetic biologists.

 The size, which is another important factor in such kind of invention, is just 1.5 inches long and requires the power of 13 microwatts to work. Till now a battery is utilized to run the sensor that has a capacity of 2.7V, it is enough to power the sensor for more than a month. The scientist claimed that capsule could be work on the voltaic cell of the abdomen that sustained acidic fluids. 

The pills have shown a correct output when they tested so far in pigs, the team is still developing it furthermore with additional chances so it would last for long period up to weeks and send signal continuously. Indeed it is one of the clever and astute revelation in the medical field which can save the time and money and patients especially for ailments like stomach ulcers can undergo one day diagnosis without the use of endoscopy and complex lab equipments.

“The goal with this sensor is that you would be able to circumvent an unnecessary procedure by just ingesting the capsule, and within a relatively short period of time you would know whether or not there was a bleeding event,” said Mark Mimee, lead author of the study of science journal.

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