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The truth is out! Kylie Jenner's Former Bodyguard is the father of her baby girl - Stormi?

Kylie Jenner welcomed a baby girl with boyfriend Travis Scott on February 1, 2018. The baby girl was named Stormi by her parents. Kylie only confirmed the birth of her baby girl 4 days after she was born via a post on social media.

Kylie Baby Stormi

It had been widely speculated in months leading to Stormi’s birth that Kylie is indeed pregnant with her first child. However, despite many rumors no confirmation came till after the birth of the child. Kylie had then also shared a 9 minutes video showing parts of her 9-month pregnancy journey.

Kylie pregnant

Ever since Kylie has welcomed her baby daughter and confirmed motherhood, she has been actively sharing posts of her baby girl on Instagram and Snapchat. The baby was first introduced to the world when Kylie shared a picture of baby Stormi with a Snapchat filter.

It is not possible that the Kardashian-Jenner clan stays away from the rumor buzz mill for long. Hence, Kylie is once again making headlines as news surfaced that Stormi is not the daughter of Travis Scott but rather her bodyguard Tim Chung is the baby daddy.

These reports come after pictures emerged of the very handsome former bodyguard of Jenner with Stormi. The resemblance, we must say, is strikingly similar and has got us confused with everyone as well.


It is also being highlighted how Travis and Kylie only got together in last April after she broke up from her former flame Tyga. Within 9 months of being together, she got pregnant and delivered a baby girl. This surely does sound a little fishy. To add fuel to fire, the pregnancy was hidden throughout the 9 months. Jenner says she wanted privacy in her first journey to motherhood but who knows what the real story might be?

Kylie Travis

Amidst a lot of speculation and rumors, Tim Chung was finally forced to come out of his silence and deny the absurd rumors once and for all.

Taking to his social media account, Tim published a post talking about how these rumors were baseless, untrue and disrespectful. He also clarified that the nature of his relationship with Jenner has always been only professional. He claims that this is the first and last time he is speaking on the matter because he does not want to be the reason to bring disrespect to Jenner or Travis.


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