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These OSTs of Pakistani Dramas are slaying our Heart in 2018

Epic Hits in the Pakistani Drama Industry!

Unique storyline, fantastic acting, and direction, topped with the refreshing cast of Pakistani Dramas have led them to break the barriers and span on the global horizon. The world is going gaga over them, and melodious OSTs of these dramas are another reason to fall into the charming trap of these dramas. 

Over the past few years, OSTs of Pakistani dramas have set our aesthetic bar high in music, and this continues in 2018. May is about to end and almost half of the year has been passed, and in these five months we have already been bombarded with amazing OSTs, and we really need to talk about them!

The list is huge, but here are our top picks (in no particular order) – give them a chance to quench your thirst for an excellent piece of music!

Tabeer OST, Nabeel Shaukat Ali:

The boy who conquered hearts of Pakistanis through his stunning performance in Sur Kshetra singing competition, Nabeel Shaukat Ali is not ready to stop yet. Every now and then he drops a marvelous piece of music which placates our soul; OST of drama Tabeer is one such example. Emotional lyrics and appeasing music coupled with the beautiful voice of Nabeel dwell under our skin and is hard to shed anytime soon.

Seep OST, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan:

All the songs sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are known to pulsate our heart on the beat of the song and OST of drama Seep is also not an exception. ‘Subhan Hai Wo Khaliq’ is a signature classical song in which his powerful, yet saddening voice takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions, which we, for certain transcendent reasons, will want to ride again and again.

Ishq Tamasha OST, Sanam Marvi & Sanwal Esakhelvi:

The OST of popular drama Ishq Tamasha is a treat to the ears in which husky voice of Sanam Marvi is complemented by the sweet voice of Sanwal Esakhelvi. Together with marvelous composition, their voices create a world which is filled with distinctive charms and sweet agony.

Wo Mera Dil Tha OST, Mair Hassan & Nimra Rafiq:

Beneath the quintessence of lively beats and melodious voices of Mair Hassan & Nimra Rafiq lies profound poetry which altogether intrigues you to hit the replay button on repeat.

Qurban OST, Masroor Ali Khan & Goher Mumtaz:

Qurban’s OST is one of the kinds which you can listen again and again and never get bored. Touching voice of Masroor Khan tingles chords of our heart, and passionate voice of Goher Mumtaz tinges our soul with beautiful emotions.

Mera Khuda Janay OST, Sahir Ali Bagga:

Who can escape from the spell of the touching voice of Sahir Ali Bagga without getting dazed? OST of Mera Khuda Janay is another epic inclusion in the vast array of amazing songs sung by this awe-inspiring singer. The spell bounding voice of Sahir, melodious composition and touching lyrics keep you hooked from starting till the end.

Bay’dardi OST, Ahmed Jahanzeb:

Ahmed Jahanzeb is hands down one of those singers for whom we can always say: he came and conquered! His hit song ‘Kaho ek din’ had moved our heart back in 2008 and this OST is another gem by this amazing singer. The deep voice of Ahmed outshines in this OST and leaves us awe-stricken and nostalgic.

Akhari Station, Tahira Syed:

If you are a fan of the period where classical music used to rule, then congratulations, this OST is definitely for you! Tahira Syed has brought back the vibes of the nostalgic era of 80 and 90’s with the ‘Mujhay apnay jeenay ka haq chahiye’. And no matter you get your ‘jeenay ka haq’ or not, but with this OST you will definitely get another pleasant addition to your old vibes songs.

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