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This Video of CM Punjab is Going Viral for the Most Hilarious Reason

The chief minister of Punjab is in a limelight for a very funny reason and it’s because of a video captured during the trial test of Lahore’s Orange Line Train. CM inaugurated the Orange Train a few days ago and was accompanied by a good number of people including the officials of the Punjab government, engineers working on the project and other officers. 

However, someone has recorded a video of CM Shahbaz Sharif looking out of the window while the train was on test run. He can been seen in the video waving hands while looking outside. But what made people laugh really hard was the number of people responding to his hand waving. The video shows there was none but the regular people doing their activities, moving around, riding bikes and doing their works. 

People are trolling CM Shahbaz for getting no response to his waving. It’s has been learned that the Punjab government ordered the officials of schools and universities to gather students at various locations to welcome CM and his fellows holding flags. The gesture to be implemented was a complete failure and people were not even willing to see CM Shahbaz. It would not be wrong to say people were not interested to see what CM Punjab did. Moreover, Shahbaz Sharif was also under fire for starting this mega project and ignoring other must-have facilities including education and health for the people of Punjab.

It should be noted CM Shahbaz is losing his credibility after continuous failure to deliver amid  being in power for over 10 years. His party Pakistan Muslim League N is also under fire after the recent comments of former premier Nawaz where he said Pakistan is responsible for Bombay attack of 2008.

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