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Three benefits of taking green tea daily in your life.

People are focusing more towards healthy and better lifestyle but it is not only about healthy lifestyle, we need to make sure we know all the benefits we get from consuming certain food and beverage/drink.

A healthy lifestyle does not only include diet and workout but a peaceful mind and good habits also contribute to a healthy and peaceful life. There is no debate on how much desi people prefer tea (doodh-pati) over anything. 

Studies have previously shown that consuming too much caffeine Is not healthy and we should limit our consumption to a healthy extent. Bad eating habits contribute to a bad digestive system and overall poor health but we can take care of our stomach and digestive system by taking its care.

How to take care of our health?

Nutritionist and researchers have found out that having 1-2 cups of green tea after meals are very beneficial for a human being. It not only helps in getting a better digestive system but it also helps in losing weight.

Green tea is called the healthiest and safest beverage in the world due to its numerous benefits and advantages. It includes useful antioxidants that have a strong effect on our body.  

Here we list down three most effective benefits of having green tea daily.

1) Beneficial for diabetes patient (type 2)

Diabetic patients need to look at their diet and food consumption because not all foods and beverages are diet friendlies. Green tea has been named as one of the best options to take in your daily life for a diabetic patient as it helps in controlling blood sugar because catechin helps in decreasing cholesterol and blood pressure.

2) Weight loss

We will not say that only taking green tea will reduce your weight but it Is one of the best option to consume if you want to shed your pounds rapidly. It helps in increasing the metabolism rate and when you have a proper moreover clean diet you will see that it combines well with other weight loss methods like cutting curb, reducing fat intake and eating more protein that will reduce 0.5-1 pound every week.

3) Better Sleep

We all need at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily. It helps in relaxing our mind and releasing stress. As per research, Green tea helps in having a peaceful sleep as it is beneficial for reducing fat and lowering cholesterol. If you take 1-2 cups of a green tea in a day then you will see a positive change in your bodies such as low stress, better sleep, and hydrating skin. We must all include green tea in our daily lifestyle to stay fit not only physically but mentally as well.

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