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Top 10 Most Googled Personalities 2018 in Pakistan

Google has been a saviour for almost everyone in the world whether you want to look for that one particular quiz question or you want to find everything about that one particular person. Google has always been there. And just like every year, this year brings us with a list of top ten people who were googled the most in 2018 in Pakistan:

10- Sunny Leone

The Canadian-turned-Indian-American actress and model is on number 10 in our top-ten most searched people in Pakistan. Karenjit Kaur Vohra, her actual name, is currently active in the Indian Media Industry and is also a former pornstar who has worked in erotic thrillers like Jism 2, Ragini MMS.

9- Iqra Aziz

The social media queen and our very own, ‘Suno Chanda’ star is on number 9 and the reason why is quite obvious. I mean who wouldn’t want to stalk our drama queen, Iqra Aziz and her killer looks. The star has shown a tremendous rise in her career by doing hits like Suno Chanda and Khamoshi within a short period of time.

8- Hanif Abbasi

The Pakistani businessman and politician at the same time has been searched up quite a lot of times too, hence he’s on Number 8. 21st July 2018’s news headlines has made Abbasi's 2018 a major hit; when he was convicted and sentenced to jail by anti-narcotic court in an ephedrine quota case
 and banned for life from any political-public involvement.         

7- Atif Mian

One of the very talented people to be ranked among the Top 25 Young economists has saved the seat on Number 7. All praise the IMF claims for him and his goodwill amidst World economics. 

6- Sonali Bendre

The Hum Saath Saath Hain actress who is known for her good looks and the amazing acting skills she has showcased in the Indian media industry, has been currently undergoing metastatic cancer treatment. She is number 6 on this list. Sonali, we love you and wish you a speedy recovery!

5- Sylvester Stallone

The American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer is on Number 5. In addition to his outstanding characters in the industry, recent October 2018 sexual allegations against him must have increased the number of search hits to halfway up the list!

4- Reham Khan

Oh, who couldn’t have seen this coming? Reham Khan has topped number 4 in the list. Credit must be given to her active participation in politics, news and in general! And 2018 has surely been Reham’s year, followed by her book launch.

3- Meesha Shafi

Counting the rounds on the internet due to her talented and exquisite voice and her recent involvement in the Me-Too movement against Ali Zafar, 2018 has been quite hell of a year for Meesha Shafi, and so has been this list making her number 3!

2- Meghan Markle

Oh, the ex- American actress-turned-British-Royal, is on NUMBER 2! Followed by the Royal Wedding 2018 and the GOOD NEWS of her being pregnant, 2018 has been a life changing year for the beautiful Duchess of Sussex!



Quite surprising yet a believable name, Bushra Maneka, the First Lady of Pakistan, is on number 1 on the most Googled personalities of Pakistan! Her supportive attitude towards our Prime Minister has been quite obvious throughout, hence being on Number 1 makes sense! No?

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