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Top Mehndi Dances that rocked the dance floor in 2018

Lights, camera, MEHNDI!

I'm sure everyone can agree that the most important event of any wedding in Pakistan, is the Mehndi. With the wedding season at its peak, how anyone gets anything done with all of these dance practices to go to is beyond me. Pakistani weddings are getting bigger and fancier every year, and the dance is on.

From jaw dropping performances at Aimen Khan's wedding....

... to Norwegian  'goris' killing it on the dance floor at the #Shervita wedding

So, here are our picks for the top Mehndi dances of 2018 in Pakistan.

12. Watch our Hrithik  ~ Senorita

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11. From Faran and Zara's Mehndi we have these boys replacing Aishwarya Rai on 'Kajra Re'

Despite the coordination mishap at times, we just love men who are secure with their masculinity, secure enough to do that!

10. Baby, don't go to the shops alone! These couples are absolutely slaying it at Arisha and Hamza's Mehndi.

9. Dilbar at Aiman and Muneeb's Mehndi

8. Definitely not buying the 'Jutti' for her, are these lads here shaking it to Harrdy Sadhu's Naah at Fawad and Mahnum's Mehndi

Lagta hai pyaar ke saath saath aur bhi bara kuch hai in boys ke paas

7. Nanowale Ne

6. Get your 'Dandiyas' ready for the next one, Another favorite from the Fawad and Mahnum Mehndi

5. Perhaps the cutest mother-son dance of 2018. Billo Rani from the Asvita and Sheryar Mehndi

4. Don't know about Bihar, but Lahore zaroor loot lia Amna ne at Fatima and Haseeb's Mehndi

3. HOLD THE DHOL, this guy just stole the show with this one!

2.  'Kya Baat Hai' from Aiman and Muneeb's Mehndi

Kya Baat hai boss! Would want these guys to dance at my wedding.

1. No wonder this viral pani wala dance is our favorite!

So those were our top picks from this year's Mehndi season. What do you guys think, tell us in the comments below and remember to share and tag your friends!

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