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Traits of a toxic person!!!

You must have heard or read about how to distance yourself from a toxic person. Always remember it’s not the human who is toxic, it’s their behavior or it could be a relationship as well.

    Here I am sharing my take on toxic people. Here are few traits which makes a person toxic.

•    They are dominating, overly controlling.

•    They don’t take NO! for an answer.

•    They just don’t care about you.

•    Your values doesn’t matter to them.

•    They make your life miserable.

•    Their company makes you emotionally drained.

•    They are very sensitive themselves but very insensitive towards you.

•    They are always creating drama.

•    After interaction with them you feel exhausted and angry.

•    They try making you feel bad about yourself.

•    It’s always your fault.

•    You always find yourself caring and fixing for them.

•    No matter how hard you strive you’ll never be enough for them.

•    They always lie.

•    They never respect your boundaries and doesn’t accept their limits.

.They always play the victim.

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