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Trump Under Fire For Using Hate As Bait!

Trump, the current US president loves to be a controversial figure. He is almost always in news no matter what day it is. Yani k bhai jo marzi kehdo, ein ka kuch na kuch rollaaa online ya phir tv pe dikhtaa hi he. 

Mutlub k bus kuch bhi wala type hein Mr. President. 

What we haven't understood so far, why was he even elected in the first place? 

Like seriously? God! Why did you do this to America

Some Folks Can't Help It!

Literally speaking, Kudwaaa such he ye!  

Ya phir shayad gooroun k gunahoun ki sazaa. 

I mean we'rent being judgmental but Trump always has a say or so around things that don't even concern him. 

Like The Time When He Was After Mexico

He made sure that Mexicans should and would hate him for his idiotic retorts and statements. Bus, kuch bhi kahoun ga atitude he Trump bhiyaa ka ! 

When He Shared Rude Remarks About Family, Religion & Friendship! 

This guy just can't help himself. Bechaaraa has no idea what he said and why as well. 

When He Thought About What People Think About Him! 

Loug agar ye soochtee hein tou ye unki galatii nahi he! 

That Moment When He Figured Out his I.Q!

We just love how irritatingly arrogant this Richie-rich this guy is and he never ceases the #Me campaign - Sub sirf ein k baaree mein he hotaa he  - the hottie! 

After all, at the end of the day - when you're the PM it doesn't necessarily imply that you'll be having a cool dude approach as well. But being Trump isn't easy as well. It takes a lot of effort to be a remarkable douche bag! 

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