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Trump's Alarming Tweets against Immigrants 'invading' US

The global news was saturated with the recent tweets of Trump in which he appeared even more clear on his rigid stance against illegal immigrants.

Trump tweeted on Sunday, June 24, that the illegal immigrants pose direct and inevitable threat to the security of US. The idea of "Strong Borders. No Crime!" demonstrates how explicitly the controversial President associates increased crime rate with the 'outsiders'. 

Also, it is quite apparent that the President frequently has to draw comparisons of his administration and policies with those during Bush's and Obama's regimes to make the world understand his position in a better way.

He continued exclaiming that in order to control illegal immigrants crossing the borders of US, the authorities do not need to consider any legal implications. The ultra-realist take implies that the territorial integrity of the global hegemony has to remain unchallenged despite present world order being crucial.

Here, the international resentment against Trump, on exploiting the family structures of the immigrants (separating the children from their parents), can also not be disregarded.

Trump's absolutist statements continuously drift away from the humanitarian motives any powerful global leader should portray. But he, till date, is successful in gathering local support by resonating with an average US citizen. "Make America Great Again!", reemphasizes the myth of American Exceptionalism directing the political psychology of the American Citizens and the Policy Makers.

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