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Twitter Flung Beckham Gala as David Beckham Stole the Spotlight on the Royal Wedding

The royal wedding of Harry and Meghan had hooked the world since its announcement and as expected the ‘D-Day’ dawned with the massive worldwide media coverage of the event. From the coverage of the preparations to the arrival of the guests, everything was showcased to the world.

Well, from all this glitz and glamour what mesmerized the whole world was neither Meghan’s ostentatious dress nor the massive number of people lined along the street, but what managed to awe them was ‘old wine’… oh, I mean David Beckham!

His Dior Homme by Kim Jomes embossed appearance turned the wedding venue into a fashion runway. His charcoal gray morning coat and pants, higher vest, coupled with brown derby shoes were enough to tag him as the best model…even better than the groom himself. Well, this is what some of the twitterites thought.

One person even dared to point out the mistake of the royal couple to invite David Beckham… the mistake resulting in loss of their spotlight.

Among all the star-studded attendees of the royal wedding, David Beckham was the only one who managed to take place on the world twitter trends and for straight four hours. And Twitter was nothing, but all praise to this epitome of ‘aging with grace’ fashionista.

People were actually drooling over him…his class, finely aging figure and strong fashion game, there was so much to talk about, and people did it.

And one of the Beckham's maniac flipped the days spent on the royal wedding preparations because the only thing he was able to conclude from the royal wedding was: “Only thing I understand from this wedding is that David Beckham will keep killing it till 100”. Another one thought the royal wedding as an award show and awarded Beckham as ‘the best-dressed man’. Well, no matter which occasion it was, we all agree with her.O yeah…there was another who actually felt sorry to the rest of the humans alive on the earth for being deprived of swag. Beckham has employed it all guys!

As if all the praise was not enough, so one lady declared Beckham as the finest white man she has ever encountered in her lifetime and we 100 cents agree.

Meanwhile, another asserted him as ‘the coolest’ alive person on the entire planet earth.

While others were busy tossing praises for Beckham, one person took this opportunity to present the bitter ‘tea’ that what actual class is to those who think that they are classy. And man, the tea was really the best example of bitter and sweet!

People are also wondering that how on earth is it possible for a man to always look that dapper?

Well, we are also wondering, how man…well…like seriously how?

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