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Twitterites Describe America in Three words and it is bull’s-eye

Out of nowhere twitterites decided to have a rant on America and described America in three words, and man…we cannot agree anymore!

While describing America, people dangled from politics, economy to social life; some were bitter (actually majority of them), while others tried to hold on to optimism (God knows to what extent).

In either of the case, it was just point-on!

Obviously, Trump was part of the discussion!

Well, a significant part of it…

Some even showed their LOVE for Republicans…

The level of ‘LOVE’ is legit!

Here comes Putin too…

People talked about Trump, Republicans too – why leave Putin?

Congratulations Obama, you are still relevant!

People are not ready to forget Obama yet…

Capitalism is no more love of Americans…

Mind it; not everyone is capitalist and happy being a part of such a society!

…and well you thought liberalism is winning in the west? You were wrong!

People didn’t forget to talk about guns…

Over the past few months, gun has turned into the worst nightmare for Americans, to the point that no talk about America is complete without mentioning them.

Racism is still not over!

People couldn’t help but shade pessimism…

Never leave optimism!

Despite of all the swamping negativity, some people still garnered courage to be optimistic…

Serious help is needed…someone, anyone?

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